Where Nature Nurtures, and Every Visit Feels Like Coming Home.

Inclusive Oasis

Nick's Farm welcomes all ages and abilities, providing a therapeutic environment for everyone.

Educational Joy

Beyond farming, Nick's Farm offers hands-on experiences, fostering a deep connection with nature and promoting responsibility for all visitors.

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Welcome To Nicks Farm

Where Every Visit Grows Happiness

Welcome to Nick’s Farm, a place where the beauty of agriculture meets the warm of inclusivity. Founded in April 2012 by Lucy, Nick’s sister, and her partner Kieran, our farm is a haven for families. Lucy, Kieran, and their five children have turned Nick’s Farm into a nurturing space that goes beyond traditional farming.

Our Upcoming Free Events At Nicks Farm

What We Do!

We Provide Special Service For Visitors.

Goat & Sheep Trekking

Weekends come alive with scenic walks alongside our charming sheep in the farmland.

Young Farmers

Dive into the world of farming with hands-on experiences and educational fun.

Home Education

Tailored sessions for homeschooled children, blending farm activities and creative endeavors.

Birthday Parties

Celebrate special moments with an exclusive farm tour, interactive encounters, and nature-themed festivities.

Adopt An Animal

Form a unique bond with our farm residents through personalized bronze to gold packages, offering varying levels of connection and perks.

Why Choose Us!

Nature's Inclusive Haven

Choose Nick's Farm for an inclusive haven, warmly welcoming all ages and abilities. Our hands-on educational experiences connect individuals with nature, instilling responsibility and fostering unforgettable moments. Nestled in serene countryside, Nick's Farm offers joyful activities, therapeutic experiences, and unwavering commitment to inclusivity.

Young Farmers

Explore, learn, and grow with Young Farmers, fostering nature-inspired fun.

Home Education

Home Education blends academics with hands-on experiences for an enriching journey